For Individual Learners

Welcome! We are delighted you are going to join us for the RewriteClimate online programme. Follow these instructions to get yourself set up:

Step 1

Head to the RewriteClimate school homepage (opens in new window).

Step 2

Click on the Let's go! button.

Step 3

Choose the Core Programme or the Full Programme depending on which one you would like to sign up for. Click on that page. 

Step 4

Click Enroll and then create an account by entering an email and a password of your choice.

Step 5

Click Start Learning and you should then be directed to the payment page. If you are paying by credit card, fill in the name and address on the card plus the card number and expiry date. (If you have a discount coupon you can add your coupon number into the field at the end of the form.) 

Step 6

Click Buy and then you're in! You'll be immediately directed to the first lesson so you can get going now or use your login to return to the course at a later date. 
You will have automatically received three emails:
  • The first is a welcome email, which contains the URL for the programme so you can log back in whenever. You can bookmark it for convenience.
  • The second has your invoice as an attachment, in case you need that for your records.
  • The third is a receipt from Stripe which is the secure payment processing platform we use
If you have any more questions, check out our handy FAQs here. We hope you enjoy the programme!