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The journey to net zero is an enormous and often daunting task, but it is possible and the solutions do exist. To get there we need to work together, governments, civil society and businesses must act swiftly. For businesses, the first step is to align and educate everyone in your organisation so they can step up to the task at hand - It’s no longer just a problem for your sustainability team. 
For schools, we must inspire the belief that we can all be part of the solution, and create a better, more harmonious planet where all of us can thrive. We believe that climate change is not our biggest threat but our greatest opportunity. And this is the story we need to tell our young people. 
Rewrite creates training programmes so everyone can understand the fundamentals of climate change and why it’s imperative to get to net zero, so we can build responsibility and responsiveness at every level. 
Rewrite is part of CoolPlanet Group, a family of revolutionary companies working with global industry to cool the planet as fast as possible.