What is RewriteClimate?

RewriteClimate is a self-directed online programme that explains why climate change is happening, but also emphasises the solutions and innovations we have to change the world. We believe that if we can change how people feel about the issue of climate change, we can change the way they respond to climate change.

Ultimately our goal is for you and your business to complete our programme feeling inspired and hopeful about the future, and how your company can contribute positively to the planet and continue to profit at the same time. 

What is a climate positive/literate workforce?

A climate literate workforce means everyone in your business understands the steps we need to take towards becoming net zero. From reducing your businesses energy footprint, to offsetting your employees and their travel - this programme will help your company make the right choices for the planet.

What does the programme consist of?

Each lesson is broken down into sections and contains video, infographics, short quizzes and clear, relatable explanations. Some of the content is marked as optional. 

How much does it cost?

The course costs €30pp (£25pp) for the first 50 people in your company. If you have more than 50, we are happy to offer you a discount on the remaining number. 

How long does it take to complete the programme?

The programme is flexible in terms of how and when you choose to complete the lessons, so that it fits within your current work programme. It is online, so your employees can choose to do it from wherever they are - all they need is a laptop and wifi!

How can I incentivise my teams to complete this programme?

Every employee has a footprint of roughly 10.8tonnes of CO2. Spend a bit extra and we can help offset each of your employees by planting trees - that’s a nature based solution all in one go. For every employee that completes the programme we will offset their footprint for that month.

Can I do the Rewrite programme on any device?

Yes - the programme will work on a smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop. We strongly recommend you use an up to date browser on your device for example Chrome on a computer, Safari on a Mac or Samsung on a mobile phone. 

Upon completion of the RewriteClimate programme do my teams receive certification?

Yes – to receive the RewriteClimate certificate individuals must complete all sections and complete a short summary quiz with multiple choice and true or false type questions. It is a straightforward recap of the previous lessons. You need 80% to pass, there is no time limit and you can retake the test as many times as you like.

Is there sound /audio?

Yes - if you are planning to do the programme together in a classroom your students will need headphones.

Once inside, is it easy to navigate?

Yes - the menu is on the left which you can hide whilst learning. You can also go back if you want to look at something again. 

Are there subtitles in videos?

Yes - A real advantage for students studying English as a foreign language. Learners can turn on subtitles themselves by toggling it on and off using the CC button in the playbar for each video.