For Teachers using Coupons

If you are a teacher or a group leader, once you are all paid up and ready to go, RewriteClimate support will send you coupons via email. Using a coupon each student can register themselves on Rewrite, set up a password and enroll on the course you have purchased and start learning.

Step 1

Save the spreadsheet with coupons, adding the student’s name beside the coupon number, just to keep track. 

Step 2

Once each student has their coupon, direct them to the RewriteClimate school homepage — climate.rewrite.ie.

Step 3

Students click on the Let's go! button.

Step 4

Choose the course that your school has signed up for. Be careful to pick the correct course or your coupon will not work! (It will say Coupon has expired)

Step 5

Ask students to click Enrol and then create an account by entering an email and a password of their choice. (We recommend students enrol with their school email address this allows us to provide reporting for teachers if required)

Step 6

They should then be directed to the payment page. Students can skip right down to where it says Add Coupon. They do not need to add their address or any other details on this page. 

Step 7

They should copy and paste their assigned coupon number in the field — no other information is needed — then click Buy (at zero charge because you have pre-paid).

Step 8

Now they are in! They can start learning from this point (students will be immediately directed to the first lesson) or they can use their login to return to the course at a later date. 
And that's it! As a teacher, we recommend you go through the registration process described above yourself, before your class. For questions and support please don’t hesitate to contact us at rewrite@coolplanet.ie